Saturday, November 16, 2013


It is hard to believe that the end of the quarter is so close. The communication technologies that I have learned to use will be enormously helpful in my professional future. 

I have created a business card and personal logo that will be crucial for networking in my future field of work and creating a brand for myself. Inspirationfeed has some really creative examples of personal logos as well as advice on how to create one.

I have learned how to use Adobe Creative Suite programs such as PhotoShop and InDesign, which are both fun to use and offer extremely valuable tools, especially in communication careers.

I have also learned how to use the program Audacity to record and edit sound files. I found this program to be very fun as well. I am not sure if podcasting will ever be a staple of my career, but it is cool to know how to do it!

After joining Reddit, I find myself checking it from time to time. It can be very addicting; I could be on it for hours! Honestly, before joining Reddit I thought it mostly attracted users looking for funny videos. However, I have realized it values reputable sources in more serious categories like politics. In a sense, its standards resonate with those in the journalism field. 

Reddit can play a huge role in making videos go viral. That is, if Reddit users like it. One of my friends created a funny video and once it was posted on Reddit, the view count skyrocketed! If you're interested in watching a hilarious and short video, here it is:

I plan to continue blogging for as long as I live, whether it is for personal or professional reasons. Writing has always been a passion of mine, and in today's world, blogging is a wonderful medium for this. I interned this summer for a real estate blog, which was a incredible experience. Keep an eye out for my name in the blogosphere! 

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